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Paint Stand - Corner

Paint Stand - Corner

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These paint stands are incredibly compact and completely modular, so all levels can be adjusted to different bottle sizes!

Every straight stand as well as every corner stand comes with a variety of different plates. Each of them fits into all 3 levels. Only the plate for brushes and very large bottles only makes sense at the top because otherwise the bottles and brushes have no room at the top.

1 x Brush and Large Bottle Plate

2 x 1 inch plate for colors like Vallejo's
2 x 1.42" plate for Citadel paints
2 x 1" plate with rectangular recesses for Tamiya, for example


  • One of the most compact paint stands on the market
  • Straight and corner parts available
  • Wall mounting adapter included
  • Different plates for all common bottle sizes
  • The colors can be set up at different heights like in a theater stand (strips are mounted under the rows of bottles)
  • Dimensions of the straight stand only: 12" x 5 1/2" x 15 3/4", 303 x 139 x 400mm (width, depth, height)
  • Dimensions of the corner stand only: 7 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 15 3/4", 191 x 191 x 400mm (width, depth, height)
  • The stands can be connected to each other on the sides using small clips.


We have now replaced the holes for vertically storing the brushes in the top plate with rake-shaped strips. This means that the brushes can be stored more safely with the tip pointing downwards so that no liquids run into the metal binding of the brushes. This change only affects the straight stands and the photos still show some straight stands with the old brush plate.

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